4 Clamps Binder - BR-4

Full Automated line for Books production

Automatic adjustment according to books received with barcode control for Cover matching and detection of book informations

Softcover production and Endpaper with Back lining production with workflow changing only pressing a button.

Min book size  (A x B)                   150 x 100 mm
Max book size  (A x B)                  380 x 320 mm
Min signature Thickness (C)          3 mm
Max signature Thickness (C)         60 mm
Min cover size  (WxL)                    205 x 150 mm
Max cover size  (WxL)                   700 x 350 mm
Cover weight                                   up 100 to 300 gr.
Max High cover feeder                    50 mm
Max mechanical speed   
         Softcover Production             up 1200 cycles/h
         BackLining Production            up 1200 cycles/h
Power installed                                20A – 400 V+N+T
Air compressed                                6 Bar
Total weight
  • Standard                                      1.800 Kg
  • With endpaper and Back lining    3.000 Kg

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